martedì 20 ottobre 2009

Cooking is not art, it's maths!

Italian food! The best cuisine in the world... in spite of French, Japanese or Chinese ones.
Who thinks so is in the right place.

I will try to teach you how cooking Italian dishes can be easy and satisfactory for everyone. You don't need to be a chef nor to go to a restaurant to taste good Italian food: you can make it by yourself in your home! Yeah! Trust me, I'm an Italian guy and I know what I'm saying.

The only thing you MUST DO is to follow literally what I will write.
I saw French people trying to "cook" some Italian pasta and then complaining to me about their results: "It's so difficult your cuisine"...
Later, I watched the same French people cooking pasta as they usually do in their country, and it was my time to complain to them: "That isn't pasta, it's a disgusting glue!".
What they got wrong weren't ingredients, but the way to mix them and, most of all, the time of cooking.

If you strictly respect some few rules, you can't get wrong.
Cooking is not art, it's maths!
You're not supposed to invent, you're supposed to follow rules. And everything's gonna be easier.

So, I'm writing one post a week and every post's containing a recipe and a video tutorial, in order to avoid cooking pasta "a la French" and to cook just real Italian pasta.

French attempt (in the rubbish)

Italian pasta (on the table)