giovedì 10 dicembre 2009

How to Make Melanzane alla Parmigiana (Aubergine Parmesan)

Melanzane alla Parmigiana - 3 people

Level: Hard

Estimated Time: 1 hour and half

What do you need?

- Melanzane (Aubergine): 5 medium size
- Garlic: 3 cloves
- Tomato Sauce: 1 glass
- Peeled Tomatoes: 500 g
- Parmesan: 200 g
- Mozzarella: 150 g
- Sunflower Oil
- Basil: 4-5 leaves
- Salt: 2 teaspoons

Melanzane alla Parmigiana! Let's see the video tutorial

How to Make Melanzane Alla Parmigiana? - A funny movie is a click away

Melanzane alla Parmgiana: Recipe

  1- Fill up a basin with Water and add 2 teaspoons of Salt
  2- Take Melanzane (Aubergine), cut off the head and the bottom, cut into slices and put them in the basin

  3- In a pot, put 3 cloves of Garlic, add a glass of Tomato Sauce, half glass of Water and 250 g of Peeled Tomatoes
  4- Stir the Sauce and add other 250 g of Peeled Tomatoes
  5- Stir again
  6- Dress with 4-5 Basil leaves and put the Sauce on a medium heat
  7- Add a teaspoon of Salt and let the Sauce simmer for 8 minutes

  8- Drain Melanzane and wrap up them in a dishcloth for 3 minutes

  9- In a frying pan pur out Sunflower Oil
10- Put the pan on a medium heat and fry Melanzane
11- When they're getting gilded, put them on blotter paper

12- Now, cut Mozzarella to pieces

13- Turn on the oven at 200°

14- In a baking tin, pour out some Tomato Sauce and spread it on the bottom of the tin
15- Put Melanzane in succession and add on Parmesan and pieces of Mozzarella
16- Repeat to the end

17- Put the tin into the oven at 200° and bake it for 40 minutes

18- After 40 minutes, Melanzane alla Parmigiana are ready to be eaten.

Enjoy your meal!

lunedì 30 novembre 2009

How to Make Pappardelle with Sea Crawfish? Recipe and Video Tutorial

Pappardelle with Sea Crawfish - 4 people

Level: Hard

Estimated Time: 1 hour

What do you need?

- Long Pasta (the best is Pappardelle): 400 g (I used Pappardelle Barilla)
- Sea Crawfish
- Garlic: 3 cloves
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil: half glass
- Salt
- Chilli: 2 pieces
- White wine: 1,5 glasses
- Tomato sauce: half glass
- Pachino Tomatoes: 500 g

Pappardelle with Sea Crawfish! Let's see the video tutorial!

Pappardelle with Sea Crawfish: Recipe

  1- Fill three quarters of the pot with water
  2- Put the pot on a high heat
  3- In a frying pan, chop 3 cloves of Garlic, add Chilli and pour out half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4- When the water boils, put in the Sea Crawfish and boil it for 5 minutes
  5- Stir the Sea Crawfish now and then
  6- When it's time, leave the Sea Crawfish from the pot
  7- Now, cut the Sea Crawfish to pieces
  8- Open the head of the Sea Crawfish and clean it, removing the entrails
  9- So, put the frying pan on a medium heat
10- When it's frying, put the pieces of the Sea Crawfish into the pan and let them frying for 12 minutes
11- Add 3 teaspoon of Salt
12- Pour out 1 glass and half of White Wine
13- Stir it now and then
14, Now, cut the Pachino Tomatoes to pieces
15- Put the Pachino Tomatoes inside the frying pan and pour out a half glass of Tomato Sauce
16- Dress with Parsley
17- Add 2 teaspoons of Salt
18- Fill three quarters of the pot with water
19- Put the pot on a high heat
20- When the water boils, put in the Pappardelle
21- Add 4 teaspoons of Salt
22- Stir it now and then
23- After 5 minutes, drain the pasta and put it in the frying pan
24- Stirring, heat it for 5 minutes
25- At the end, dress with Pepper

sabato 7 novembre 2009

How to Make Pasta with Ricotta Cheese? Recipe and Video Tutorial

Pasta with Ricotta Cheese - 4 people

Level: Very Easy

Estimated Time: 15 m

What do you need?

- Short Pasta (Rigatoni, Penne, Conchiglie): 450 g (I used Di Cecco Conchiglie)
- Ricotta (Sheep) Cheese: 500 g
- Black Pepper

Pasta with Ricotta Cheese is a very easy dish to cook, but it's important to follow steps in the right way. Every step is propaedeutic for the following.

1- Fill three quarters of the pot with water
2- Put the pot on a high heat
3- Put in a salad bowl the Ricotta Cheese
4- Mash up the Ricotta Cheese
5- As soon as the water boils, put in 3 teaspoonfuls of salt
6- Throw the pasta in the pot

(Don't forget to stir the pasta now and then!)

7- With a ladle, take two spoonfuls of water from the pot and add them to the Ricotta Cheese
8- Mash the Ricotta Cheese
9- After 13 minutes (I used Di Cecco - Conchiglie!, so if you use another kind of pasta it's a good thing to read the exact cooking time on its package), drain the pasta and immediately after throw it in the salad bowl
10- Mix the pasta with the Ricotta Cheese
11- Dress with black pepper (2-3 teaspoonfuls)
12- Mix again

Video Tutorial - How to make Pasta with Ricotta Cheese?

Pasta with Ricotta Cheese is ready. Enjoy your meal!

martedì 20 ottobre 2009

Cooking is not art, it's maths!

Italian food! The best cuisine in the world... in spite of French, Japanese or Chinese ones.
Who thinks so is in the right place.

I will try to teach you how cooking Italian dishes can be easy and satisfactory for everyone. You don't need to be a chef nor to go to a restaurant to taste good Italian food: you can make it by yourself in your home! Yeah! Trust me, I'm an Italian guy and I know what I'm saying.

The only thing you MUST DO is to follow literally what I will write.
I saw French people trying to "cook" some Italian pasta and then complaining to me about their results: "It's so difficult your cuisine"...
Later, I watched the same French people cooking pasta as they usually do in their country, and it was my time to complain to them: "That isn't pasta, it's a disgusting glue!".
What they got wrong weren't ingredients, but the way to mix them and, most of all, the time of cooking.

If you strictly respect some few rules, you can't get wrong.
Cooking is not art, it's maths!
You're not supposed to invent, you're supposed to follow rules. And everything's gonna be easier.

So, I'm writing one post a week and every post's containing a recipe and a video tutorial, in order to avoid cooking pasta "a la French" and to cook just real Italian pasta.

French attempt (in the rubbish)

Italian pasta (on the table)