sabato 7 novembre 2009

How to Make Pasta with Ricotta Cheese? Recipe and Video Tutorial

Pasta with Ricotta Cheese - 4 people

Level: Very Easy

Estimated Time: 15 m

What do you need?

- Short Pasta (Rigatoni, Penne, Conchiglie): 450 g (I used Di Cecco Conchiglie)
- Ricotta (Sheep) Cheese: 500 g
- Black Pepper

Pasta with Ricotta Cheese is a very easy dish to cook, but it's important to follow steps in the right way. Every step is propaedeutic for the following.

1- Fill three quarters of the pot with water
2- Put the pot on a high heat
3- Put in a salad bowl the Ricotta Cheese
4- Mash up the Ricotta Cheese
5- As soon as the water boils, put in 3 teaspoonfuls of salt
6- Throw the pasta in the pot

(Don't forget to stir the pasta now and then!)

7- With a ladle, take two spoonfuls of water from the pot and add them to the Ricotta Cheese
8- Mash the Ricotta Cheese
9- After 13 minutes (I used Di Cecco - Conchiglie!, so if you use another kind of pasta it's a good thing to read the exact cooking time on its package), drain the pasta and immediately after throw it in the salad bowl
10- Mix the pasta with the Ricotta Cheese
11- Dress with black pepper (2-3 teaspoonfuls)
12- Mix again

Video Tutorial - How to make Pasta with Ricotta Cheese?

Pasta with Ricotta Cheese is ready. Enjoy your meal!

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